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I am my disability

For me personally, I don’t mind the word disabled. I’ve known others to use terms such as differently abled or describe us as people with different abilities. Some do this to dance around the word disabled because they feel uncomfortable, others may view it as labelling. To each their own. What i will say though, is if i say i’m cool with being called it and non disabled person isn’t, i feel like they need to check within themselves as to why it makes them uncomfortable.

I usually say my disability doesn’t define me, but it kind of does. it is a part of what makes me Jazmine. having a disability is part of the reason i go so hard, society has already made it difficult for us to feel included so i fight harder to take up spaces.

It’s why i appear so confident, did you notice i said appear? Since i was small i’ve constantly been reminded of my disabilities, the stares, finger pointing, constant questions, people have made sure i don’t forget i’m ‘different’. So i’ve had to learn to love me as i am and that includes my disabilities, my self love journey has no end though i have to always do the work and sometimes i’m just doing the old fake it till i make it routime which is working out alright so far!

It is the reason why i am so passionate and heated, so much so i have to catch my breath or take time out because it’s overwhelming. I always conflicted because i about want to to spread awareness, but equally i get really defensive by others ignorance. How is it that in this 2021 people know what not to say when it comes to every other community apart from SEND? i’m not expecting anyone to know every correct term, i’m even still learning all i’m asking is for you to know enough, ESPECIALLY if you personally know someone who is living with SEND.

This is getting a bit long now isn’t it? Let me end it hear by saying the way i use legs to walk is the same way i use my cane in the dark, my hearing aids have become my ears. My sight loss and hearing impairments are not going to wake up one day and decide to leave, they’re riding with me until the wheels fall off so i’ve accepted them and now they are me.

until next time my loves,

Jaz. x

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